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Desert Cactus

An excerpt from D.A.'s forthcoming memoir One Pima Pilgrim. Published by The Seventh Wave.

Image by Kristen Colada Adams
What Does It Mean To Be Indigenous? 

An opinion piece answering, “What does it mean to be Indigenous in the 21st century?” Published by Front Porch.

Beautifying some concrete._edited.jpg
Man in the Maze

A semi-autobiographical flash fiction piece about a son mourning the death of his father. Published by SPARTAN.

Paintings from my twelve year old nephew. Have a look_ www.felixspiske_edited.jpg
Ancestors Know Who We are

An interview with Two-Spirit elder Storme Webber (Choctaw/Black). Published by Indian Country Today.

Image by Darren Richardson
11 Year Old Bride

Selected for Homology Lit's special poetry issue.

Indigenous people are more than news

October Headlines

Inspired by D.A. Navoti's experimental essay of the same name, October Headlines is a short film of personal stories mixed with controversial news headlines from Indigenous Peoples' Day 2017. This project was produced with support from NDN Collective, with music and script by D.A. Navoti. 


Read the original experimental essay published by Cloudthroat (defunct).


eSpirit Writer
The Collective Spirit® Podcast

D.A. launched the Collective Spirit® podcast with First Peoples Fund and curated its first 6 episodes featuring Native artists and culture bearers who discuss the power of Indigenous art and culture. Learn more about the podcast. 

  • Ep 1: Documentary Filmmaker Tsanavi Spoonhunter (Northern Arapaho Tribe)

  • Ep 2: Playwright Blossom Johnson (Diné)

  • Ep 3: Musician & DJ Aveda Adara (Diné)

  • Ep 4: Beader & Seamstress Wetalu Rodriguez (Nimiipuu)

  • Ep 5: Painter Del Curfman (Crow Tribe of Montana)

  • Ep 6: Children’s Author Stacy Wells (Choctaw)

Wellness-ish-ness: a blog for creative hot messes

D.A. was the eSpirit Writer at First Peoples Fund and highlighted Native artists and cultural bearers in the monthly newsletter, including these select articles: 

  • Pushing Through the Pandemic: Celebrating the Virtual Rolling Rez Arts. Read...

  • Behind the Camera: A Conversation with Pueblo Filmmaker Charine Gonzalez. Read...

  • Origin Stories with Folk Artist Kevin Locke. Read..

  • Surviving Through Art: A Conversation with Jeremy Red Eagle. Read...

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